Beach Shuttle Chaperone Job Description

Ride the beach shuttle to check in patrons, check wristbands, keep the bus clean, provide customer service, and enforce bus rules. Must be 21+. If you select this shift, you will be contacted for an interview. Duties Arrive early for bus Must check in at info booth Pick up clipboard, lanyard, and signs Log arrival/departure times Count people on bus at stop Have an info booth coordinator sign your time care.

BlissAssist Job Description

BlissAssist volunteers are the eyes and ears of the festival assistance and monitoring program. They receive training prior to the festival and help to patrol the festival grounds, especially during the nighttime hours. BlissAssist volunteers are radio trained and wear the BlissAssist shirt. They are familiar with the Blissfest grounds and the Blissfest Training Manual that describes festival guidelines, protocols, procedures and intervention techniques. Bliss Assist volunteers are veteran (3+ year) volunteers or have been invited by Bliss Assist Coordinators.

BlissFeast Concession Job Description

In addition to serving ice cream, you will assist with other concession sales at the BlissFeast. This may include popcorn, lemonade, and fudge.

BlissFeast Kitchen Job Description

You will help to facilitate the BlissFeast Concessions food service. You will work under a great team of professional food service folks! Be prepared to make some easy prepped food in a fast paced environment, and learn some things along the way!

Blissfest Future Forest Rangers Job Description

BFF Rangers are volunteered to ensure that registered BFF campers are allowed entry and non-registered campers are directed elsewhere. Will work in one of three zones in this new, registered camping area. Your Coordinator: Mike Tiedeck via

Blissfest Store Job Description

You help facilitate Blissfest merchandise sales like retail store. This includes positive customer relations, stocking, marketing, organization and accuracy with money.

CD Booth Job Description

The booth handles cash using a register and credit card machine with typical cash controls. Your role is to basically run a retail store. This includes positive customer relations, stocking, marketing, organization and accuracy with money.

Club Bliss Job Description

Club Bliss is a safe and fun creative cabin for young emerging artists to connect , create and collaborate. Located at our timber frame cabin just east of the food vendors. The cabin is small and intimate with cozy seating and is alcohol free. Inside Club Bliss be prepared for inspired performances from all ages, especially young emerging artists in their teens. Outside Club Bliss is the Club Bliss craft tent with scheduled make and take crafts and art workshops. Another big Club Bliss attraction is the evolving paint wall. The new Club Bliss Dome located just down the trail behind Club Bliss will host healing music, Song writing circles and pop up performances.

First Aid Job Description

Attend to First Aid Tent and provide basic first aid. Must have EMT, First Aid certification, or equivalent.

Fixtures Job Description

Meet your Coordinator at the Info Booth. This team is responsible for distributing rental equipment (ex. tables and chairs) pre-fest and then collecting these items post-fest (Monday). These items are located throughout the festival grounds. Must be able to lift and stack!

Green Room Job Description

This job requires extra professional behavior, as you are serving and handling artist needs directly. Must be willing to go with the flow as needs arise, but also have attention to detail. Food service and hospitality experience please.

Hospitality Tent Job Description

Volunteer's main duties: Assist with food preparation, serving food, cleanup and dishwashing for staff, coordinators, and special guests. Show your time card to backstage gate volunteer for entry to backstage area. Shifts must align with time of entry.

Ice Sales Job Description

Sell bags of ice to patrons from a refrigerated truck. Wear sturdy shoes. Requires handling of large bags. Must be able to handle cash!

Info Booth Job Description

The role of this position is to help assist and manage the volunteer program and assist with providing festival information. A positive attitude and good people skills are required. Info Booth volunteers are veteran (3+ year) volunteers, or have been invited by Info Booth coordinators. You will assist with workshop sign-ups and fee gathering. Volunteer Management: You will work with coordinators to assign patrons to needed volunteer shifts. You will organize time cards and assist with volunteer check-out Coordinators only handle deposit refunds Info Booth Coordinators are responsible for some volunteers in the following areas: Info Booth Kiosk Beach Shuttle New 40 Gate Off Limits Entrance

Info Booth Kiosk Job Description

Your role is to assist with providing festival information. A positive attitude and good people skills are required. Topics may include answering questions about : shuttles, ice, stages, crafts, open mics, workshops ***Must have knowledge of blissfest grounds. location, location, location! You report to the coordinators at Info Booth who will sign your time cards and provide pertinent materials.

Kids Area Job Description

Your role is to help staff the individual art and craft stations set up in the kids' tent. Each station will provide materials for an art project for the youth.

Libations Team Job Description

Main Gate Job Description

Volunteers' main duties are to facilitate patron entry into the festival grounds. This includes greeting patrons, directing cars to the correct lane, scanning wristbands, issuing camping tags, answering questions and providing positive customer relations.

New 40 Gate Job Description

1) Check-In at the info booth to receive directions to the property. You will sign-in via the binder for your area with an info booth coordinator. 2) You will manage long-term parking, and overflow large RV campers. Campers in this area will have already checked in at the main gate. They will also have a UV stamp on their hand. You will use a light to check for this stamp! This proves that they have been checked-in with valid wristbands. 3) At the end of your shift, return to the info booth. Have your card signed at the Info Booth.

Office Job Description

Controls access to backstage area. People entering this gate MUST have the proper wristband and/or hospitality pass to enter. Instructions given at Info Booth. Help distribute radios. Assist musicians and tech teams backstage.

Off Limits Entrance Job Description

Controls access to backstage area. People entering this gate MUST have the proper wristband and/or hospitality pass to enter. Instructions given at Info Booth.

Parking Job Description

Volunteer's main duties are to facilitate smooth and efficient entry and parking in the Campground and Day Parking. Answering Patrons is also expected. Some positions will also include limiting access to described areas. On Friday's parking assistants will often work with Host Posts and Bliss Assist who also help coordinate parking and ensure safety. Volunteers must also help facilitate handicap parking to their reserved areas.

Raffle Booth Job Description

Selling raffle tickets / collecting prizes from vendors for raffle

Raffle Sellers Job Description

Meet at Raffle Booth

Recycle Village- Zero Waste Super Heroes Job Description

Your job is to facilitate recycling and disposal of trash and helping to educate about reducing our landfill impact.

Second Gate Job Description

Serve as a 2nd point of entry for patrons with wristbands, no will-call needs. MUST be willing and able to use a handheld scanner. Understand the BlissFest rules, regulations, and be familiar with the grounds to provide information and directions.

Security Liaison Team Job Description

Assist the Contracted Security team on Thursday overnight in serving as the eyes and ears on the perimeter. Your job is to deliver Blissful awareness of "no wristband, no entry." You will report to the contracted security team. Meet at Main Gate House.

Service and Exit Gate Job Description

Volunteers' main duties are monitoring this gate for proper credentials and wristbands. Coordinators and volunteers are expected be present during their shift hours to help facilitate breaks. Thursday Pre-festival monitoring occurs at THE MAIN GATE and includes early entry for vendors, performers and coordinators, volunteers and other staff. During festival days this gate is used for exit and after the main gate closes it is used for entry and exit during the overnight hours.

Silent Disco Job Description

Eli will deliver your schedule! This is only a placeholder!

Stage Gate Job Description

Volunteer's duties are to check any cars seeking admission through the Stage Gate. This gate is only for artists, artist guests, staff, people going to the musicians camp, some vendors, and deliveries. This job requires the ability to think quickly, problem solve, have some computer/tablet proficiency. It is also important to be professional at all times with the artists and treat them as such.

Stage Hands

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR ACTUAL SCHEDULE WILL BE DETERMINED CLOSER TO THE FESTIVAL, ACCORDING TO STAGE NEEDS. The mission of our stage hands is to help us to get our performers on stage, on time with everything that they need to provide a first rate performance with the least amount of stress possible, all while keeping to our published schedule as closely as possible. - Sound production experience is helpful but not necessary. - Being a performing musician is helpful but not necessary. - We need you to be able to lift and carry heavy instruments and sound equipment. - We need you to have good communication skills. - We need you to be able to take and follow instructions from the stage supervisor or coordinator, sound company or band personnel. - We need you to be reasonably certain that you will be at Blissfest every year (retraining new folks every year is problematic for us). - We need you to: know your limitations, "jump in" with out being shy or "star struck," show up on time and be flexible with your shifts.

Street Team (Signs and Flyers) Job Description

Sign distribution on the roads, at the gates, and within the festival grounds. Meet at the Backstage Barn. Use your time card to get backstage.

Swap Spot Job Description

Assist with a clothing swap tent. Organize items and respect customers.

Teen BlissCrew Job Description

This program is designed to get our younger Blissters aged 13-17 involved at the festival in a constructive and fun way. Does your teen want to participate with this new program? This is a good way to get some experience so that they can transition into the BlissCrew as a Veteran at 18 years of age, and be on a team! They will be responsible for 4 hours of work. WHEN Saturday, July 14th 12noon-4pm WHERE Meet at the BlissStore on top of the hill This does NOT work like the Adult BlissCrew ( work in exchange for a ticket). Teens must purchase a regular Blissfest Wristband, through our office. The parents will still have to be present on festival site and purchase the teens a wristband for entry. As a team, we will visit and work RECYCLE VILLAGE with the Petoskey Hockey Boosters and Award Winning Emmet County Recycling. Stay tuned for more details! PERKS Each teen will receive a unique BlissCrew Prep t-shirt *If the teen completes the two 2 hour shifts they will receive a $15 refund.*

Transportation Job Description

Your role is to be an ambassador of Blissfest Music Organization with musicians and festival attendees alike. You will provide transportation as needed and your role demands a positive, helpful attitude. Knowledge of Blissfest grounds is necessary, or ability to read a map. Must have a valid driver's license.

Volunteer Check-In Job Description

Assist with check-in and credentials for BlissCrew volunteers and coordinators. Must be comfortable using a tablet or laptop. You will distribute a number of items to each volunteer. (Tshirts, Time Card, Festival Programs, and Camping Credentials) Please bring a smile and a bliss attitude!

Water Crew Job Description

Volunteers' will work with a team to provide hand washing water at restroom stations and check other structural things. **Let us know if you are a potential water truck driver in the "comments" section of the application.**

Water Gate Job Description

Zero Waste Educators Job Description

Monitors zero waste stations to assist Blissfest Patrons on how to properly sort their discards during meal hours at the waste diversion stations at the food vendor promenade.